Finding The Right AT Tools

Determination of need is the starting point in determining appropriate tools.

Student Environment Task Tool

A process called SETT is designed to look at the Student, Environment, Task, and Tools.

  • Student: List student strengths and areas of concern.  Determine if the student can gain information from standard print-based instructional materials, needs the materials in a specialized format, or needs modified content or alternative materials.
  • Environment: List places where the student interacts. School, home, classes in the school, community, work.
  • Task: List the print materials that are used across the curriculum.  Consider the instructional context in which they are used. Select which formats the student needs.  Determine which materials are needed in the selected format.
  • Tool: After the other areas are discussed, listing tools that have been tried in the past and then possible tools that will help meet the concerns in the SETT areas.

SETT Resources: