Big Deal/Little Deal

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Submitted by:  Autism Spectrum Disorder Team

Resource Category: Behavior Supports, Visual Supports. Social Skills Supports

Resource Type: Resource Document

Resource Description: Big Deal Little Deal is a strategy used to teach kids how to regulate their response to situations that happen throughout the day. This visual can be used to teach what is appropriate for different situations.

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Header text "Is this a big deal" row 1 red square, text A Volcano Deal, clipart of a volcano with small text above a really really big deal row 2 orange square, text A Big Deal, clipart of an angry face with small text above oh man, I'm getting kinda mad! row 3 yellow square, text Medium, clipart of an annoyed face with small text above I', a little annoyed row 4 blue square, text A little Deal, clipart of a boy, small text above it's O.K. row 5 green square, text Not a Big Deal, clipart of a smiling face small text above No big deal!